Wild game is a superfood.

When they eat wildgame for the first time, most people say they notice a sudden boost of energy. We are accustomed to feeling lethargic after eating beef – but people get energized after eating wild game and feel like they just had a cup of espresso or a caffeine boost. Scientifically it makes sense, since wildgame is typically more lean than beef and higher in many nutrients, like iron (1). In addition, most wild game does not come in contact with herbicides and pesticides and game meat is not injected with hormones as is common in our beef industry. If you are interested in the healthy benefits of wild game, try it. You can thank us later.

Hunting is the most ethical form of acquiring meat.

Some people hate hunting because they think it is cruel to animals. Yes, taking the life of an animal is a serious thing. However, it is interesting to note that most hunting critics are not vegan or vegetarian. Most people who criticize hunting are meat eaters themselves, which is incredibly hypocritical. If someone eats meat, they have no right to judge someone who harvests meat themselves.

Here are 6 reasons why wild game is a more ethically-sourced meat than store-bought meat.

It’s a great way to get exercise and spend time outdoors.

Hunting is a lot of work. You might need to hike, carry, pull, climb, crawl, or sprint at any given moment. You will also get to witness breathtaking scenery including sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes you are hunting in places very few people will ever get to see.

Hunting is incredibly therapeutic.

Hunting forces you to enter a different mindset. You need to let go of all distractions: work, family drama, news, etc. You often need to turn off your cell phone and to be really quiet. It’s a peace that many people never get to experience. Life becomes very simple and you only need to think about one thing: pursuing an animal. There have been many psychological studies and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points to the fact that hunting can be an incredibly therapeutic activity for a wide range of people.

Hunting Promotes and Funds Conservation.

Hunters contribute more than 1.6 billion dollars US each year to support conservation efforts. That is more than all animal activists combined. Nobody cares more about keeping wildlife populations strong and healthy than hunters. There are many examples of hunter organizations that have helped wildlife populations flourish, such as Ducks Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. More hunters equals more land that will be set aside to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities to hunt.

It's a great opportunity to share moments with loved ones.

Hunting is an incredibly bonding experience. Experiencing adventure, hardship and success with someone gives you special memories that will last a lifetime. Having hunting buddies is great. Parents taking the time to go hunting with their kids often leads to some of their children’s favourite and most powerful memories when they grow up. And, there is a growing number of couples who are hunting together.

It's a meaningful challenge and a lot of fun.

Finally, hunting is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. It has deep ancestral roots, no matter your nationality. All of our ancestors were hunters. It makes sense that we experience joy and peace when we participate in something that has kept humanity alive for thousands of years. We were born to hunt. School of the Hunt is committed to helping as many people as possible experience the joy and health benefits associated with hunting.

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