Waterfowl Hunting Season (Sept 1, 2021) Is Almost Here! Get Started Now!

Learn to Hunt before Hunting Season!

Top Challenges for Waterfowl Hunters

Now let us ask if you....

-Dream about going on your first waterfowl hunt, but don't know where to start?

-Want to fill your freezer with delicious, healthy, wild game?

-Hope to someday hunt waterfowl with your kids and pass on your knowledge?

Or have you ever....

-Spent countless hours planning a waterfowl hunt only to get skunked?

-Asked permission to hunt waterfowl on private land, only to be repeatedly denied?

-Paid for an expensive guided waterfowl hunt thinking they would teach you how to hunt, but were unpleasantly surprised?

Or do you...

-Have children or grandchildren who are interested in learning how to hunt?

-Struggle to find a good reason to go outdoors and exercise?

-Have no idea where to even start in learning how to waterfowl hunt?

If you struggle with any of these challenges or answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

Waterfowl 101

Finally, an Online Hunting Course that Makes Learning How to Waterfowl Hunt Easy!

Waterfowl 101 is an online, comprehensive hunting course that teaches students everything they need to know to go out and hunt waterfowl anywhere in North America. The course includes 8 modules covering a wide variety of topics such as: waterfowl feeding and roosting ecology, how to scout and gain access to the best places to hunt, what decoys you should buy, what gear and clothing you need, how to master concealment, proper waterfowl calling techniques, how to pick the perfect shotgun and how to shoot birds consistently, how to plan world class hunts and outsmart birds 99% of the time, and much more. In Waterfowl 101, you will receive: over 4+ hours of professionally filmed video content, over 18,000 words of written explanatory text, 25 illustrated waterfowl hunting strategies you can replicate, 8 quizzes to track your progress and fantastic materials you can download and take with you into the field.

Waterfowl 101 Includes 8 Online Modules:

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Benoit Boudreau and I am a professional waterfowl hunter living in Alberta, Canada. I have been hunting waterfowl since I was 5 years old. My first hunt was an experience I will never forget. The sun had just come up, and my dad shot a goose in the wing. It fell to the ground and started running. We didn’t have a dog at the time, so he sent me to retrieve it. I ran as fast as I could after that goose. As I started to disappear over the horizon, my dad started calling for me to come back, but I just kept running and running after that goose. 20 minutes had passed when my dad finally saw me coming back, dragging a 15 lb goose. That moment sparked something special inside of me and I have been chasing birds ever since. I feel truly blessed to be able to experience those moments now with my son and to help thousands of people experience that same joy in my Waterfowl 101 Online Course.

Waterfowl 101 Has Helped Many Hunters Experience Success

Last year was my first season hunting and Benoit was exceptionally helpful introducing me to waterfowl. His attitude towards wildlife, enthusiasm for the hunt, and willingness to help others learn to hunt made it an enjoyable experience. I am keenly looking forward to the upcoming season. - Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Joe Bittman took Waterfowl 101

I had a fantastic experience learning how to hunt waterfowl with Benoit. Every detail was meticulously explained and the overall experience remarkable! - Drummondville, Quebec, Canada

Janick Biron took Waterfowl 101

Whether you are a hunter with a lifetime of experience or one just starting out, I recommend Waterfowl 101. Benoit's videos are very informative and enjoyable to watch. Five out of five. I wish School of the Hunt was around earlier when I initially started hunting ducks -Washington, USA


Peter Adams took Waterfowl 101

Learning how to hunt was one of the best decisions of my life! I highly recommend School of the Hunt to anyone interested in becoming more self-sufficient and putting healthy meat on the table -Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jordan Sykes took Waterfowl 101

When I began to take an interest in the hunt, I had no idea where to begin. I knew a little about firearms and how to use them, but I didn't have a clue about where and how to use them on wildlife. Benoit not only taught me all the basic building blocks of hunting he also taught me how to apply them in the field for maximum success -Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Felix Reichel took Waterfowl 101

Benoit is a very experienced and knowledgeable waterfowl hunter. Through the process, I went from never having hunted Snowgeese, to having a very successful hunt and meat in the freezer. An excellent and thorough learning experience that translated to success. - Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

Greg Augustyn took Waterfowl 101

I had been wanting to learn how to hunt geese for years, but I did not know anyone who would teach me until I encountered Benoit and Waterfowl 101. Applying what I learned from Benoit and his course, I harvested over 30 geese and 20 ducks in my first hunting season. I can't wait until next season to do it again! -Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Ethan Hollick took Waterfowl 101

Benoit’s experience, knowledge, and teaching abilities are all exceptional. After our first hunt I was hooked! I’ve since invested in my own gear and it was all thanks to Benoit for introducing me to waterfowl hunting. If you’re a beginner who’s looking to hunt for your first time, or even an experienced hunter looking for some new tips/techniques, Benoit is your guy! -Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Will Betzner took Waterfowl 101

Modules Covered in Waterfowl 101

Waterfowl 101
$ 295
  • Life Long Access
  • One Time Payment. No Silly Subscription.
  • 8 Comprehensive Modules
  • 4+ Hours of Detailed Video Content
  • 18,000 Words of Explantory Text
  • 8 Optional Quizzes to Track Progress
  • Receive the Waterfowl Playbook and its 25 Illustrated, Interactive Features.
  • Free Access to Bonus Materials and Future Modules

Summer Pricing Ends Soon!!!


Waterfowl 101 Money Back Guarantee

We are 100% confident that you will love Waterfowl 101. If you don’t like it, we have a 25-day money back guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is School of the Hunt?

School of the Hunt is an online hunting school that offers courses on how to hunt a wide variety of animals.

What is Waterfowl 101?

Waterfowl 101 is an online hunting course offered by School of the Hunt to teach students how to successfully hunt waterfowl anywhere in North America. 

Who Teaches Waterfowl 101?

Benoit Boudreau, a professional waterfowl hunter living in Alberta, Canada, teaches the course.

How Much Does Waterfowl 101 Cost?

We currently have the waterfowl course on sale at $495 CAD. 

How Long is the Waterfowl 101 Course?

If you sat down and watched every video, read every paragraph and handout and took every end of module quizzes it is possible to do it in one day. To date no student has accomplished this feat, but that’s not a challenge lol. There are 4 + hours of video content and 18,000 words explaining hunting concepts. It is more realistic that it will take 1-2 weeks to complete the course. We highly recommend spending a maximum of an hour per day to allow the information to stick as each module is jam-packed with information. 

Is the Entire Course Online?

Yes, Waterfowl 101 is almost entirely online. There are some handouts that you can download though and bring with you on the hunt.

If I Don't Like the Course. Can I Get a Refund?

Absolutely, we have a 25 day money back guarantee. Some people point out that a student could take the course in that time frame and benefit from all the information and then ask for a refund. It is true that we could be taken advantage of that way, but we are so convinced that people will appreciate the value we are providing them that most students will not do that. 

I am an Experienced Waterfowl Hunter. Is this course still worth my time and money?

If we are totally honest, new hunters typically benefit more from this course. This is a 101 course. However, we have had experienced hunters take the course and say they learned a lot. It’s difficult to gauge how experienced a waterfowl hunter is. Some hunters say they know a lot but don’t.  If you think you know everything about waterfowl hunting, this course is not for you. This course is for people who know they still have a lot to learn about waterfowl hunting.

Do I Need a Subscription to Access this Course?

No. We don’t mess around with your money. You will have access to this course forever. 

Where Was Waterfowl 101 Filmed?

The majority of Waterfowl 101 was filmed in Alberta, Canada.

Is this Waterfowl Hunting Course Relevant To My Home State or Province?

Absolutely, before developing the course, we consulted with waterfowl hunting experts across North America to ensure that this course is relevant no matter what state or province you live.

Can't I Just Learn How to Hunt Waterfowl on Youtube?

There is definitely some good hunting information on youtube. However, it can be difficult to filter through what is good advice and what is bad advice and to learn concepts in a comprehensive manner.  Youtube creators also get paid more the longer their videos are. Consequently a lot of DIY hunting videos become more about trying to entertain an audience as opposed to educating them.

Hunt? Why Should I Hunt Waterfowl?

It is one of the most exciting forms of hunting in the world. You have a much higher chance of success compared to big game hunting. Waterfowl are also a lot more abundant than big game so hunting is less likely to have negative impacts on their populations. 

Doesn't Waterfowl Meat Taste Awful?

This is simply not true. In many places in the world, it is a lot more common to eat ducks and geese and it is considered a delicious delicacy. When cooked properly waterfowl is one of the tastiest and healthiest red meats you can put in your body. 

Why Is Waterfowl 101 Expensive?

We actually think Waterfowl 101 is affordable for a number of reasons. It is cheaper than hiring a waterfowl hunting guide who isn’t even going to teach you how to hunt. If you try to teach yourself how to hunt, you are going to have a lot more failed hunts.  Your time is certainly worth something. Not to mention all the money you will save on gas from not having to drive to hunts where you will not even experience success. Also, we will protect you from buying hunting gear you think you need, but actually don’t. We save you time and money by fast forwarding your waterfowl hunting success by a number of years.  

What Waterfowl Species Will Waterfowl 101 Teach Me to Hunt?

You will learn how to hunt dabbling and diving ducks and Canadian geese. You can also apply the hunting concepts we teach to sandhill cranes and other species of geese, but we intend to teach future courses specifically on those species. 

What Hunting Gear Do I Need Before Taking this Course?

None! In fact, we recommend you do not buy any hunting gear until you have taken our course as we will save you money from not buying things you don’t need.

How Do I Find Out What My Local Hunting and Firearm Regulations Are?

Great question! Hunting and firearm regulations change all the time and they are also very different depending on where you live. The best way for us to point you in the right direction is if you send us an email telling us where you live and we will help you find your local hunting regulations. 

What Will I Learn in Waterfowl 101?

The course includes 8 modules covering a wide variety of topics here are only a few: waterfowl feeding and roosting ecology, how to scout and gain access to the best places to hunt, what decoys you should buy, what gear and clothing you need, how to master concealment, proper waterfowl calling techniques, how to pick the perfect shotgun and how to shoot birds consistently, and how to plan worldclass hunts

Is the Information in this Course Tailored to Beginners or Advanced Waterfowl Hunters?

We designed this course with both beginner and advanced hunters in mind. However, if you do not know a lot about waterfowl hunting you are certainly going to learn more than an advanced waterfowl hunter.

Can I Retake the Course Once I Have Completed It?

There is no limit to how many times you can take the course.

Will There Be Tests, Quizzes, or Certification in this Course?

We have optional quizzes at the end of each module. They are simply there to help you gauge if you understood the modules key concepts. You do not need to take them if you don’t want to. There is no formal certification  or final exam associated with course either. The course is designed to be fun and incredibly helpful at the same time.

Is Taking Waterfowl 101 the Only Thing I Need to Do to Get Started Waterfowl Hunting?

No, you still need to become familiar with your local hunting and firearm regulations and certifications, but we are happy to help you with that as well for free if you send us an email.

Do I Need Internet Connection to Access the Course?

Yes, there is also no School of the Hunt app at this point in time. 

Can I Purchase Modules of Waterfowl 101 Individually?

No, all of our modules build on one another so we only sell them as a package.

If I Enrol in Waterfowl 101, Do You Guarantee Success?

If we promised you that, then that would be very suspicious. Obviously it still up to you to put in the work and to actually follow the advice we give in this course. However, there is no reason why you will not succeed if you apply what we teach and put in the effort.

What Makes You Qualifed to Teach this Information?

It’s true that there are better waterfowl hunters out there then Benoit Boudreau and he is the first to admit that. However, being the best hunter does not necessarily make you the best teacher. Sometimes experienced hunters can forget what it’s like to be starting out or simply struggle with communicating concepts in a simple way. As the course’s testimonials indicate, Benoit has a gift for teaching and can explain complicated concepts in a very simple manner. It is also important to mention that Benoit has also been hunting since he was 5 years old and shoots an impressive number of waterfowl every year. 

I Care about the Environment. Is Waterfowl Hunting Sunstainable?

Absolutely, the number of many waterfowl species in North America grows exponentially every year indicating there is more room for new hunters.  Also the hunting industry is the biggest financial contributor to environmental conservation in the world. The evidence is clear that the greatest threat to wildlife is habitat destruction and nobody cares more about preserving wildlife habitat than hunters. Now obviously there is not enough wildlife for everyone to become a hunter, but currently the total number of hunters is actually declining in North America. In other words, we got room for you! Hunting is definitely an important part of providing sustainable food for future generations. 

I Love Animals. How is Waterfowl Hunting Ethical?

If you eat meat, hunting is by far the most ethical way of acquiring meat and if you love animals you should really consider promoting hunting. Here are 6 reasons why eating hunted meat is more ethical than farmed meat.

Do You Have a Question that We Didn't Answer?

The truth is... waterfowl hunting is a lot of fun, but it requires time and money. A lot of hunters make the mistake of buying expensive hunting gear and completely neglect their own education. The most important piece of equipment on any hunt is you. You are your greatest asset and investing in your own education is the only thing that will make you a better hunter. If you take my Waterfowl 101 Course, I personally promise you that I will do everything in my power to help you become the best waterfowl hunter you can be.

Benoit Boudreau, Instructor of Waterfowl 101