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My name is Benoit Boudreau and I am a professional waterfowl hunter living in Alberta, Canada. I have been hunting waterfowl since I was 5 years old. My first hunt was an experience I will never forget. The sun had just come up, and my dad shot a goose in the wing. It fell to the ground and started running. We didn’t have a dog at the time, so he sent me. I ran as fast as I could after that goose. As I started to disappear over the horizon, my dad started calling for me to come back, but I just kept running and running after that goose. 20 minutes had passed when my dad finally saw me coming back, dragging a 15 lb goose. That moment sparked something special inside of me, but it was only as an adult that I truly learned how to hunt. I feel truly blessed to be able to experience those moments now with my son and to help thousands of people experience the joy of waterfowl hunting as well.

The truth is a lot of waterfowl hunters make the mistake of only buying expensive hunting gear and completely neglect their own education. The most important piece of equipment on any hunt is you. You are your greatest asset and investing in your own education is the only thing that will make you a better hunter. If you take my Waterfowl 101 Course, I personally promise you that I will do everything in my power to help you become the best waterfowl hunter you can be.

Benoit Boudreau, Waterfowl 101 Instructor

Disclaimer: Waterfowl 101 focuses on maximizing our students waterfowl hunting success. School of the Hunt is not responsible for teaching hunter safety, ethics and/or wildlife identification. Those aspects of waterfowl hunting are taught by provincial and state programs. If you need help finding your local provincial or state hunting regulations, send us an email at and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

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I had a fantastic experience learning how to hunt waterfowl with Benoit. Every detail was meticulously explained and the overall experience remarkable! - Drummondville, Quebec, Canada

Janick Biron took Waterfowl 101

Benoit is a very experienced and knowledgeable waterfowl hunter. Through the process, I went from never having hunted Snowgeese, to having a very successful hunt and meat in the freezer. An excellent and thorough learning experience that translated to success. - Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

Greg Augustyn took Waterfowl 101

Learning how to hunt was one of the best decisions of my life! I highly recommend School of the Hunt to anyone interested in becoming more self-sufficient and putting healthy meat on the table -Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jordan Sykes took Waterfowl 101

Benoit’s experience, knowledge, and teaching abilities are all exceptional. After our first hunt I was hooked! I’ve since invested in my own gear and it was all thanks to Benoit for introducing me to waterfowl hunting. If you’re a beginner who’s looking to hunt for your first time, or even an experienced hunter looking for some new tips/techniques, Benoit is your guy! -Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Will Betzner took Waterfowl 101

I had been wanting to learn how to hunt geese for years, but I did not know anyone who would teach me until I encountered Benoit and Waterfowl 101. Applying what I learned from Benoit and his course, I harvested over 30 geese and 20 ducks in my first hunting season. I can't wait until next season to do it again! -Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

Ethan Hollick took Waterfowl 101

When I began to take an interest in the hunt, I had no idea where to begin. I knew a little about firearms and how to use them, but I didn't have a clue about where and how to use them on wildlife. Benoit not only taught me all the basic building blocks of hunting he also taught me how to apply them in the field for maximum success -Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Felix Reichel took Waterfowl 101

Last year was my first season hunting and Benoit was exceptionally helpful introducing me to waterfowl. His attitude towards wildlife, enthusiasm for the hunt, and willingness to help others learn to hunt made it an enjoyable experience. I am keenly looking forward to the upcoming season. - Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Joe Bittman took Waterfowl 101

Whether you are a hunter with a lifetime of experience or one just starting out, I recommend Waterfowl 101. Benoit's videos are very informative and enjoyable to watch. Five out of five. I wish School of the Hunt was around earlier when I initially started hunting ducks -Washington, USA


Peter Adams took Waterfowl 101