There are so many people in North America who want to get into hunting, but have no clue where to start.

Unless an individual has a family member who hunts, finding a hunting mentor is really difficult. Our founder, Benoit Boudreau, noticed this problem and decided to solve it. So he started, School of the Hunt, an online hunting school that offers courses on how to hunt a wide variety of animals. One of the educational philosophy’s that School of the Hunt follows is to not only tell our students what to do, but more importantly show them. We spare no expensive in teaching each hunting course and supplement each course with dozens of example hunts. We do our research and take as much time as necessary to produce a masterclass.

School of the Hunt was founded upon the principle that hunting is an intrinsic human right and that everyone should have access to it. The right to hunt comes from humanity’s ancestral roots as hunters and gatherers. Many people still experience this inner longing for the hunt. It is School of the Hunt’s mission to help as many people as possible satisfy this inner longing and to reconnect with what it means to be truly human.

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